Additional Services

A true one stop shop to satisfy your requirements, we can offer the following services in addition to any detailing work you are having carried out. This saves you time and hassle trying to organise several different companies to carry out work on your car!

Wheel Refurbishment outsourced

* Not a stand alone service *

We can arrange for your damaged or corroded wheels to be refurbished, whilst your car is with us being detailed. Tired looking wheels can let the appearance of your car down considerably, so having your damaged wheels refurbished is highly recommended.

Both painted and diamond cut finishes can be repaired to a very high standard, or if you are just looking for a change of wheel colour. All wheel repairs are covered by a 12 month warranty.

To protect the finish and make cleaning easier our hard wearing heat resistant wheel coating can be applied at additional cost.

Cosmetically this will give your car a new lease of life, and takes the hassle out of trying to arrange someone to refurbish your wheels, a one stop shop!

  • Wheels removed from the car
  • Tyres removed
  • Wheels sand blasted to remove the tired finish
  • Any damaged to the alloy repaired
  • Wheels freshly powdercoated (single colour wheels)
  • Wheels powdercoated, diamond cut, then lacqured, (wheels with a machined finished to the face)
  • Tyres & valves refitted
  • Wheels fully re balanced
  • Wheel sealant applied
  • Wheels refitted to your, & wheel nuts tightened correctly
  • Tyre dressing applied

Paintless Dent Removal outsourced

* Not a stand alone service *

Small unsightly dents and dings can be repaired by our PDR technician without the need for respraying the affected panel, providied the paintwork is still intact, 

Only available as an addition to a full detailing treatment, not available as a stand alone service.

Carried out in our studio alongside your detailing treatment


Brake Caliper Painting

Only available when booked in conjunction with a detailing treatment.

If you fancy a colour change for your brake calipers, your existing calipers just look tired, or you would like your unpainted calipers painted to enhance the appearance of your car, then we would be happy to carry out this work for you, 

The work is carried out to a high standard, and the best quality temperature resistant paints are used, to ensure a long last finish, so this is obviously reflected in the price!

  • Full car washed
  • Wheels removed
  • Brake pads removed
  • Brake calipers cleaned & rubbed down to remove contamination
  • Caliper body sanded to produce a perfect surface for the primer coat to bond too
  • Full car covered to avoid overspray reaching the bodywork
  • Suspension parts covered
  • Areas not to be painted on each caliper masked off
  • Two layers primer applied
  • Three layers high temp resistant colour applied
  • optional decals applied
  • Three layers high temp resistant lacquer applied
  • Brake pads refitted
  • Wheels refitted

Paint Protection Film

Protect your original paintwork from stone chips and road rash, has a glossy paint like finish, which is capable of recovering from wash marring, swirls, and other minor abrasions.

Contact us for more information.

Front bumper only

Fulll front end 

Front end plus sills

Full car coverage

Rear bumper lip